Netac ZX20 1TB USB3.2 Gen2x2 Portable SSD Review

This week we have some more portable SSDs. This time it’s Netac ZX20 in the 1TB version. The SSD is designed for the most demanding users who carry data daily and need fast and easy access. The SSD has more advantages, but I won’t tell you much more about it in the introduction. You have to stay with us to find out how well the ZX20 performs and how much more it offers. Let’s start with some technical data and product features.




Universal Features
The Netac ZX20 not only supports laptops, desktop computers, and mobile devices, but also supports
expansion of game consoles, where you can store your games. In addition, the ZX20 also supports Win To
Go (Netac does not sell the system and software, you need to install it by yourself), which can meet the
dual system requirements of MacBook users without occupying computer hard disk.

High Performance
With a USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Type-C external interface and a PCIe internal interface, the Netac ZX20 Portable
SSD has the read and write speeds up to 2000MB/s and 1700MB/s for respectively, allowing you move
files faster and edit right from the drive. You can store your content and memories on a fast drive, which
have up to 1TB of space for a full library of content in a pocket-sized design.



Equipped with two cables
The Netac ZX20 comes with both a USB Type-C to C cable and a USB Type-C to A cable right in the box,
so whether you are working on PC or MAC computers, and with USB Type-C or Type-A connectors, ZX20
works the way you work.

Easy-to-grip and pocket-sized
In order to offers compact, handy storage for users, The Netac ZX20 puts emphasis on both design and
portability with its small, light plastic housing.


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