Patriot Viper VP4300 Lite 2TB M.2 PCIe 4.0 SSD Review

Package and its Contents

Due to the kindness of Patriot, we’ve received two VP4300 Lite SSD, as you can see in the photos, so that we can perform tests in RAID.
The retail package is cardboard with a blister window that presents the product inside. We won’t find much info on the package, so if we wish to know more details, then we have to visit the Viper Gaming website.

The VP4300 Lite is designed for desktop computers and PlayStation 5 consoles, so it doesn’t require anything else for installation. The installation itself is straightforward so that everyone can handle it. In case of any issues, motherboard manuals include step-by-step guides for specific M.2 sockets and heatsinks if the motherboard has one.

The VP4300 Lite has a very thin heatsink, but it’s not really required with operating temperatures of around 45-50°C. This is about the idle temperature of most M.2 SSD on the market.

The only real requirement for optimal performance is an M.2 PCIe 4.0 x4 socket. As long as we use an AMD motherboard with the latest chipset, we can count on up to 7.4GB/s. Intel chipsets won’t work at such a high bandwidth – up to about 7.1-7.2GB/s on the best motherboards. PS5 consoles will have it even lower – up to 6.1GB/s. However, the most important for gaming is not the maximum sequential bandwidth but random read and access time.

The SSD itself has a black PCB and a black front label with the Viper Gaming logo and the SSD name. It presents well on gaming motherboards and every other device. The label is, at the same time, a thin heat sink that should perfectly fit small laptops and other slim devices.

Both SSDs were tested on a DIMM.2 card, as you can see above. SSDs were installed on both sides of the card without additional heatsinks. The exceptionally low temperatures could be achieved without additional airflow.

We will show you how the VP4300 Lite SSD performs on the next pages of this review.


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