Silicon Power A56 256GB SATA III SSD Review

Conclusion and Verdict

I would lie if I said that Silicon Power A56 SSD is an exceptional and unique product. It’s one of many budget series SSD which are designed to replace old and slow HDD. However, it works as intended and performs well. If we add that price is low, then we can say it’s a successful product which should satisfy all users who are moving from older drives. Even gamers or any other users should feel enough performance as the A56 isn’t slow. It performs as good as most higher series, SATA SSD on the market.

256GB version of A56 SSD should be expected for about $45. However, I can’t find the A56 in large online stores right now while the A55 is widely available in about the same price. I guess it’s not high price if anyone wishes to upgrade a laptop or older desktop PC. For sure will improve the user’s experience, even more than a new processor.



  • High performance for a SATA SSD
  • Free software included – SP Toolbox
  • Inexpensive


  • Nothing worth to mention


Final words:

The A56 SSD from Silicon Power is exactly what we expect from a SATA SSD. It’s fast, stable and inexpensive. For sure, it’s a good option for an upgrade if you have an old and slow mechanical HDD.

Silicon Power A56 SATA SSD receives Funky Kit’s Value Award as an inexpensive drive which is clearly worth our recommendation. Congratulations!


value award


You can buy the Silicon Power 256GB SATA III SSD for aorund USD $30 from Amazon – 


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