Silicon Power A62 2TB USB 3.2 Gaming HDD Review

Specifications and Features


  • Capacity up to 5TB, store the best of new games without having to forgo the classics.
  • Super-speed data transfer with USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface (up to 5Gbps)
  • Meets US military MIL-STD 810G 516.7 Procedure IV anti-collision standard (122cm transit drop test, with 26 contact points tested)*
    The product meets the test standards under normal use. Do not deliberately drop or damage the product.
  • IPX4 water-resistance provides protection against splashing water from any direction
  • Texturized surface promotes scratch and fingerprint resistance.
  • LED light indicates data transfer activity and power status
  • Easy “plug-in and use” eliminates the need for an external adapter.
  • Free SP Widget software available for download, which provides 7 major back-up and security functions



  • Cable:   USB Type-A to USB Type-A
  • Capacity:   1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 5TB
  • Dimensions:   131.7mm x 86.5mm x 14.9mmm
  • Weight:   180g – 282g (by capacity)
  • Material:   Rubber + Plastic
  • Color:   Black/Blue
  • Interface:   USB 3.2 Gen 1 (USB 3.1 Gen1, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 backwards-compatible)
  • Supported OS:   Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP 64-Bit, Mac OS 10.5.x, Linux 2.6.x, PS4 Pro or PS4 with system software version 4.50 or higher, Xbox One
  • Operating Temperature:   5°C – 55°C
  • Storage Temperature:   -40°C – 70°C
  • Certification:   CE, FCC, BSMI, Green dot, WEEE, RoHS, EAC, KCC, RCM
  • Warranty:   3 years

The A62 has a size of a typical 2.5″ HDD in an external enclosure. This enclosure is higher quality than standard drives offer, and its rubber stripes can hold the USB cable. It’s maybe not a perfect solution but for sure an interesting idea which can be handy while carrying the drive.

One quick look at the CrystalDiskInfo to check S.M.A.R.T. status and additional info. Everything is in perfect condition.

The temperature is typical for an HDD, between 23-45°C, depends on the drive usage.

Below is also a screenshot from AIDA64, which is showing more details.


Package and its Contents

The A62 arrived in a retail box which contains a USB cable and, of course, an HDD. There is nothing more, but nothing else is required. The drive is so simple to use that the manual is not required, and a single USB cable handles both, powering the drive and data transfer.

The drive can be connected to any device which has a USB port. There are even gaming consoles in the specification, usually listed in modern portable SSDs, while usually skipped for HDDs.

In the specification, we won’t find a maximum bandwidth, but looking at our test results, we can expect something up to around 150MB/s. I won’t hide that I expected a higher bandwidth, especially that some other Silicon Power external HDDs perform better. The better results we’ve seen on 3.5″ HDDs while inside the enclosure of the A62, we will find a 2.5″ 5400 RPM HDD drive. This is probably the reason why the performance is not as high as expected. On the other hand, we won’t find higher capacity drives at a higher speed, so I guess that Silicon Power wanted to standardize used drives in the whole A62 family.

I said that the drive could be faster, but it doesn’t mean it’s slow. It should still be fast enough for daily tasks and storing larger files, game saves, and anything else we use more often.

The A62 is designed to look attractive to gamers, and it does. Even though the enclosure is a mix of plastic and rubber, it looks well and catches the eye.  The drive also has higher than standard durability and is waterproof. This is important for a drive which we carry more often.

Let’s move to the next page and some performance tests.


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