Silicon Power BOLT B80 1TB Portable SSD Review

I think we’ve reached the point where SSDs are now more popular than HDDs for desktop computers. Most new computers are being sold with an SSD nowadays, and users are replacing their existing old hard drives with newer SSDs, because of the significant performance improvement. And this is the same for users of external hard drives … many users are replacing their external HDD with smaller and much faster SSD. One of the more interesting options on the market right now is the Silicon Power BOLT B80. In our last review, we had a chance to take a look at Silicon Power’s previous model … the BOLT B75 Pro, which performed pretty well, so with that said, we’re going to set our expectations pretty high.

Stay with us to find out how much to offer has the BOLT B80 1TB SSD.


You Are Bold

You have great ideas. You do things your own way. You have a unique style. You stand out. You show the world who you are. You have something to say. You dare to be different. Bolt B80 is for you – This futuristically stylish UFO-shaped portable SSD is for people with bold ideas and achievements that inspire others. So whatever your next bold move or project – store it on the B80, the only worthy housing for your latest brain child.

Life is Too Tough to Be Weighed Down

Even with its life-tough aluminum enclosure, the B80 is a minimal 7.5cm in diameter, 11.9mm thin, and weighs in at a mere 53g. It’s the most compact and powerful pocketable storage device for pros and trendsetters who are always on the go. Use the lanyard hole to keep it tethered to your bag or jacket, it won’t fly away.

Hits the Ground, Keeps Running

After passing military standard drop tests (1.22m) and then taking a shower, the B80 proved to be as drop-safe as it is water and dustproof (IP68). Protection from spills, splashes, dust and accidental drops is key to your data’s safety, and the B80 has got you covered. With this level of protection, it’s the thinnest and most compact portable SSD on the market.

Life in the Fast Lane

Your life is full of interesting projects, people and adventures. The last thing you need is to waste time handling data. That 4K video needs to be stored and passed to your editor pronto – the customer is already waiting! The B80 will not let you down. With Type-C and a USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface, you get blistering fast transfer rates of up to R/W 500/450MB/s. All your files, raw images, pdf’s, even that huge 4K video file, will be transferred in the blink of an eye.

Let the Light Guide You

Is the B80 connected? Is all your data transferred yet? The re-imagined LED indicator tells you at a glance! Its truly ingenious design with microporous laser cut aluminum allows the LED to shine through the top while keeping water and dust out; you won’t know it’s there until you put the B80 to work. Brilliant!


The previously reviewed Silicon Power BOLT B75 Pro 1TB Portable SSD costs around $130 in the Amazon store. I can’t find the B80 1TB on Amazon, but we can expect a similar price –


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