Silicon Power P34A80 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD Review

Specifications and Features

Key Features:

  • Super-fast PCIe Gen3x4 interface for read/write speeds of up to 3,400MB/s / 3,000MB/s
  • NVMe 1.3 support
  • RAID engine for enhanced data integrity
  • Supports SLC Cache and DRAM Cache Buffer. Provides great SSD sequential read/write and random read/write performance.
  • Slim form factor M.2 2280 for the perfect fit in slim and portable mobile applications or desktop PCs




One quick look at the CrystalDiskInfo to check S.M.A.R.T. and overall condition of our drive. Everything seems perfect. The drive is already after OS installation and some quick tests.

The temperature is one of the things which are clearly worth to mention. As you can see the P34A80 runs at about 40°C. It’s not full load temperature but we have to remember that the drive is installed near a quite hot chipset. The maximum temperature during tests was about 65°C. It’s an improvement comparing to earlier SSD based on Phison controllers.


Package and its Contents

The package looks typical for an SSD. It’s a small box, well-described and kept in a black-red color. On the box, we will find the most important specifications like the drive’s interface, capacity or warranty. In this case, we see that our drive works on a PCIe gen 3 x4 bus and has 1TB capacity. It’s also covered by a five-year warranty what is above the typical warranty period for SSD. Most storage products have two or three years of warranty.

The drive itself is in M.2 2280 standard which is really popular recently. It fits into most laptops and desktop computers and offers high-speed connection what in the case of the P34A80 is up to 3400MB/s. This is what most new motherboards can make on a single M.2 socket.

Silicon Power P34A80 uses Phison PS5012-E12 controller and Toshiba 3D TLC NAND. We are used to seeing solid drives based on a Phison and Toshiba combo so there are high expectations of this drive too.

In the moment of writing this review, there were no firmware updates. Updates for Phison based drives are not really often but on the other hand, there are barely ever any problems with the initial software. Simply it’s well tested in the factory before the final release.

Let’s move to the next page to take a look at the test results.


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