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Inside the box you’ll find an envolope with the user guide and warranty, a 3 x 8-pin to 16-pin 12VHPWR adapter cable, anti-sag brackets and a bag screws.


A Closer Look

The card comes with a solid metal backplate giving it structural stability and protection. The included anti-sag bracket provides better reinforcement, and prevents that ugly-looking sag due to the weight of the graphics card.


The 16-pin 12VHPWR power connector is located on the center of the graphics card. You’ll also find the  BIOS OC/Silent switch next to this connector. This switch allows users to get the best performance or enjoy silent operation.

The card has TBP (or total board power) of around 320W, so we recommend a minimum power supply of 750W or higher. For monitor output, there’s 3 x DisplayPort v1.4 and 1 x HDMI 2.1 ports.


For cooling, it comes Gigabyte’s WINDFORCE cooling system featuring three 110mm unique blade fans, alternate spinning, 9 composite copper heatpipes, a large coper plate that directly touches the GPU, 3D active fans and Screen cooling, which together provide high efficiency and heat dissipation.

The card is quite large and uses up 4 PCIE slot space. So make sure you have plenty of room in your chassis.



There was no problems during our installation. Just make sure you have a chassis that has plenty of room. This graphics card is HUGE to say the least.

We used an Asus Strix Z790-E Gaming motherboard, along with an Intel Core i9-14900K @ default clock speed and 32GB of DDR5-7200 ram.

On the top right side of the graphics card you’ll find the Gigabyte logo, which lights up when the system is powered up.

One other advice. Make sure the 12VHPWR cable is SECURELY connected to the graphics card. Failing to do so will cause major issues/damage to the card.

The ring LEDs are found on the inner edge of the 3 x 110mm unique blade fans. They really make the graphics card stand out. The RGB lighting can be controlled using the downloadable Gigabyte Control Center.


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