HIS Radeon HD 7850 (2Gb GDDR5) Review


iTurbo Software

HIS has included the iTurbo software suite with the Radeon 7850. It is very much like overclocking programs from other companies, but in a smaller package.

There is no installation with iTurbo, all you have to do is take the .exe file from the disk and drop it anywhere on your computer. It will save any settings you set for future reference.



Just like most other overclocking programs it gives you Core frequency control, and memory frequency control. Sadly there is no voltage control with this card so benchmarkers might have to resort to hard-mods if they want to push the card to its limits.



One thing I really got a kick out of was the clocks it set once you chose to put the card in iTurbo mode. 868/1212 isn’t exactly enough of an overclock to really do anything.



Fan controls on this card are good. When running with an automatic fan profile temperatures never exceeded 59*C at stock speeds. Once overclocked, temperatures maxed out at 62*C. Needless to say, this card is very cool running and the cooler does a good job.If those temps are too warm for you, there is even an option ot set your own fan profiles for temperatures.



To top things off, iTurbo even gives you tons of  information on your particular video card.




One thing I must mention is if you have another GPU overclocking program installed when you launch iTurbo you will have tons of issues. I suggest uninstalling any other GPU overclocking program prior to opening iTurbo. But to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t bother installing this program until that issue is fixed. If you have something else installed like MSI afterburner, iTurbo is not good enough to replace that program. It is a big improvement over previous versions but it is still not to the point where I would use it as my go-to daily overclocking program.But if you do not have a GPU overclocking program already installed, iTurbo will work great with little to no issues.


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