Sapphire HD7850 OC (2GB GDDR5) Review


Testing: DX11 Games


Tomb Raider

We start with the new Tomb Raider which seems to be one of best looking games this year. The Sapphire HD7850 is fast graphics card but for this title we will have to lower details a bit to enjoy constant frames per second above 25.

Game includes integrated benchmark which we’ve ran at maximum details and 1920×1080 screen resolution. Results below.





Civilization V

Civilization V is already a well known strategy game so I think I don’t have to describe it.

As we see below HD7850 is enough to have fun playing strategy games in high graphics details. Minimum FPS has never dropped below 40 even with maximum settings that include tesselation.


7850 civ



FarCry 3

Even though FarCry 3 is clearly one of most demanding games on the market nowadays, HD7850 is able to run it at high details.

Ultra preset or maximum MSAA AA settings won’t be much fun as minimum FPS will drop below 25 but slightly lower settings aren’t looking much worse so I think that most gamers will be satisfied.

7850 fc


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