Sapphire HD7850 OC (2GB GDDR5) Review

7850 pht1

Last month did a review of Sapphire’s HD7870 OC 2GB graphics card, a really good option for all gamers who can’t afford top models, but still want to play new titles in high resolution and higher graphics details.



Today we take a look at less expensive Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 based on the AMD’s HD7850 GPU. This card also comes in an OC version which means we can expect higher frequency for both graphics core and memory. Clocks are respectively 920MHz for core and 1250MHz (5000MHz effective) for memory. That of course is not the limit! We’ll find that later in the review.



As a reminder I will add some words about our card’s producer, which is of course Sapphire.

From Innovator to Excellence over 10 years!

“SAPPHIRE Technology was first formed as a manufacturer and global supplier of graphics cards when ATI (now a division of AMD) adopted the Add-in Board partner (AIB) model for delivering its technology to market.

SAPPHIRE has consistently been the market leader with its graphics products. More recently the SAPPHIRE product range has been extended to include a broad range of mainboards and a number of solutions including the award-winning SAPPHIRE EDGE Series of Mini PCs.

This year, SAPPHIRE celebrates 10 years of trading, bringing our successful mix of innovation and customer satisfaction to the global market. During that time we have introduced a number of innovations to the graphics market that are still reflected in our product line-up today.”


7850 pht5

Now we can move to photo gallery and more detailed specifications.


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