Xiaomi Launches Fintech Bank Airstar in Hong Kong

March 31, 2020 0

Looks like Xiaomi not only makes phones … but they’ve now entered the Fintech space. Is your money safe with a Chinese “virtual bank”? Well, you’re guess is as good as mine.  Taken from Fintechnews

Patriot FUEL Active 6000mAh Power Bank Review

October 23, 2014 0

Power banks or rechargeable batteries are becoming really popular recently mainly because they are one of the handiest devices for everyday use. Think about if you forgot to charge your cell phone and you have already left home;

Genius Wireless Energy Mouse Review

October 30, 2013 0

To the average computer user, a mouse is just a mouse. We are however, not the average users now are we? Once you have felt the comfort of a true quality mouse gliding as if