A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Video Games

June 19, 2018 0

The video gaming industry has matured hugely over the last decade. Gamers can now enjoy a wide range of experiences, from highly personal indie games to big blockbusting open-world adventure games. Despite some popular stereotypes,

The Best Wireless Headphones By Engadget

April 3, 2018 0

Engadget has published an article on the Best Wireless Headphones (including noise cancelling ones too). We’ve already offered some suggestions on the best wireless earbuds, so now it’s time to examine the best over-ear wireless headphones.

The Best Cameras Under $1,000 by Engadget

March 2, 2018 0

Engadget has posted an article on the best cameras under $1,000. Go check it out … Enthusiast cameras like Sony’s A7R III, the Nikon D850 and Fujifilm’s X-H1 get a lot of attention. The good news is

Advantages And Disadvantages Of QR Codes

May 27, 2016 1

Many brands have started to realize the many benefits of using QR codes, especially when it comes to providing an excellent response mechanism for mobile users. This article lists down the pros and cons of

Drone Racing: What You Need To Get Started

May 2, 2016 0

So you want to get involved with drone racing, but what do you need? Prebuilt or off-the-shelf? What about FPV? Over at MyFirstDrone, there’s a comprehensive list of things you can get to get you

Setting Up An Alipay Account

April 9, 2016 0

I must confess, for about a month now I’ve been trying to set up an Alipay account (with payment details) for myself. We’ve been using my missus’ Taobao account when purchasing things, and even she