How Technology Will Change The Future of Gaming

No one can deny that the progress of humanity has to a great extent been influenced by the latest technologies available at a given time. The same goes for most businesses. Without the implementation of the most advanced technologies, for example, industries as profitable as the gaming industry would not have become so popular, and new gamblers would not have been emerging on a daily basis.

Did you remember what was it like 20 years ago? Back there, no online casinos were in existence yet. So if anyone wanted to gamble, they had to go to the local casino to do it. This took both time and effort, and even though gamblers back then said it was all worth it, they embraced the online casino revolution as soon as it was started.

Back in the 2000s, if you told a gambler that less than 20 years from then people would be playing in AR casinos, they would think you were mad. Yet, this is the reality today. Naturally, it is impossible for us to predict how would the gambling industry look like another 20 years from now. Nevertheless, some of the technologies available at the moment and, more precisely, the way operators realise them in their venues have already begun to transform the gambling industry.

Without further ado, let us present some of the technologies that are changing the future of the gambling industry.


  1. Facial Recognition

Are you sick and tired of having an avatar that looks nothing like you? With the implementation of facial recognition and 3D scanning, players will be able to create digital versions of themselves. The virtual avatar can be used to create more intense gaming. In addition, such avatars could change the face of online casinos if they perform the moves of players.

  1. Voice Recognition

An adequate implementation of the voice recognition could revolutionise the gaming industry by making it possible for players to control the game by using voice inputs. In essence, this will create a better gaming experience by unlocking various options and features.

  1. Cloud Gaming

Years ago, when online casinos were just launched, people had to download the games they wanted to play on their mobile devices or PCs. Thanks to technology, however, this is no longer necessary. Thanks to cloud gaming, gamblers can now play online casino games without downloading them. This has completely changed the way games look like and it has greatly eased the online gaming process as well.

  1. Gesture Control

Gesture control has been part of the gaming world for some time now. But how does the technology contribute to the gaming industry? Essentially, gesture control permits players to use gestures in order to make the necessary moves in a games. What this does is that it makes the gaming process more thrilling and realistic. Because when people are granted the ability to control the gameplay using their hands, they can create a better connection with the game, and this contributes to a more realistic gaming experience.

  1. Live Dealer Gaming

Arguably the best upgrade of the online casino games is the application of live dealer gaming, this is another feature that has already began to transform the face of the gaming industry.  What is a live dealer? Live dealer gaming refers to online table games using a real-life dealer who deals the game and interacts with players on live video during the gameplay.

There are many roulette sites nowadays which offer live dealer roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, and many other casino games. Essentially, this is another feature that allows for a more lifelike gaming experience. 

  1. Augmented Reality

Albeit live gaming is by far the most realistic online gambling technology, a new technology is quickly catching up, and it promises to change the gambling world forever.

Augmented reality technology is a technology that combines real-world images and videos with virtually-generated “enhancers”. Augmented reality technology provides a more gamelike view of the real world, making the online gaming experience more intriguing than the real thing itself.

Once AR is fully implemented in the online casino gambling, players will be provided with a whole new set of tempting features. For example, gamblers will be able to apply their physical surroundings into the game and enjoy a surreal version of their ambience. In the long run, the augmented reality technology will let people feel like they are in a real casino even from the comfort of their own home.

All in all, even though many technologies currently influence the development of the gambling industry, we believe the above-listed are the ones which will completely transform the future of the gaming industry. In addition, we expect newer and better technologies to emerge in the near future, promising to further enhance the online gaming world.




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