Sonarworks SoundID now Available on Both PCs and MACs

Any musicians out there? … Well check this cool gadget out. Sonaworks SoundID creates a custom profile that’s unique to you, perfect for all you audiophiles.

Taken from Engadget … Sonarworks first announced its SoundID software at CES. With a mobile app, you create a personalized sound profile that fits your preferences based on a selection of audio clips. It’s an A/B test with multiple rounds using the same sample with different tunings. Once you’ve made your picks, SoundID creates a custom profile that’s unique to you — right down the pattern of icons inside the app. From there, you select your headphones and the software handles the rest. The company promises that through a combination of headphone calibration and that personal audio profile, it can drastically improve the sound quality of the music you listen to everyday. Today, Sonarworks revealed SoundID Listen on desktop, so the customization is actually useful for the first time.

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Sonarworks makes calibration software for recording studio headphones and monitors, which is where the company got its start. It also debuted the True-Fi app for headphone calibration a few years ago. True-Fi featured a similar hearing test to gauge your personal preferences before allowing you to pick from hundreds of presets for hundreds of headphone models. That app also allowed you to further tweak the EQ and dive deep into settings. However, Sonarworks admits it never really took off, so it discontinued support in early March to focus on the simplified and more user-friendly SoundID app. The company has a solid track record when it comes to audio calibration, and now it’s bringing that knowledge to the masses.

SoundID Listen is available now as a 60-day free trial. When that initial period is up, the desktop app will cost $4.99 a month. If you commit to a year before May 18th, you’ll get it for the 6-month plan price of $24.99 (saving you $20). The SoundID mobile app — which includes the hearing test — is free on Android and iOS.

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