Nintendo ‘Ring Fit Adventure’ – Great for Kids and Adults Too

Ring Fit Adventure, a new RPG for the Nintendo Switch that’s out today. The game has players completing a series of full-body exercises to make their way through a scenic world. Along the way, you run (jog in place) and fly (flap your arms) to get from point A to B, and you “fight” enemies through a series of moves, ranging from squats to core work to yoga poses.

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As for the ring, it has cushy hand rests are made of the same mesh material you’d find on more serious workout gear. Mat says it reminds him of yoga wheels. At various points, you’ll be either pressing in on the ring or stretching it, not unlike an archer pulling a bow. In fact, navigating even basic menus often requires you to push in, which means you’re going to get a bit of an arm workout no matter which difficulty settings you choose.

Speaking of the sort, there is, as you might expect, an initial calibration process. For starters, you’ll enter your age, weight and sex, and you’ll be asked to move around with both the leg strap and the ring. In my case, these tests suggested what I already knew to be true: that my legs are stronger than my arms, and that my biceps are stronger than my triceps. (Stretching the wheel outward is much harder for me than crushing it like some sort of She-Hulk.) There are also tutorials to make sure you’ve mastered the basic movements: raising the wheel overhead, “steering” the wheel to move through on-screen menus, etcetera.

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