The console ended up in the hands of Terry Diebold after he discovered it among a bunch of items he’d won in an online bankruptcy auction (for which he paid the ridiculously low price of $75), but it wasn’t until his son Dan happened upon a Reddit thread about the system that he realized just how important the console was. The product of a not-quite partnership between Nintendo and Sony back in the early ’90s, some argue that the Nintendo PlayStation inadvertently led to the creation of Sony’s own PlayStation, which of course has had a phenomenal impact on gaming itself.

For years, the Diebolds have toured the system around the globe, which, as you can imagine, doesn’t come cheap. Speaking to KotakuTerry says that he’s made “nothing” by taking the console on the road, and that continuing to do so is costing money he can’t afford to lose. As such, the pair have decided to part with the console — and it looks like there’s going to be mega bucks involved, with the Diebolds already turning down $1.2 million from someone in Norway.

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Source: Heritage Auctions