ECS Announces Small Efficient Silent LIVA Z2 and Z2V Mini PC

July 31, 2018 0

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the global leading motherboard, Mini-PC, Notebooks, mobile device and smart city solutions provider, is pleased to announce the LIVA Z2 and Z2V silent, energy efficient multi-functional mini PC designed for digital

Shuttle SZ270R9 Gaming and VR Cube Features Overclocking-on-Demand

December 7, 2017 0

Shuttle Computer Group, Inc., one of the world’s leading designers of small form computers, announces a new and powerful cube-sized computer, its SZ270R9, designed for advanced home and portable gaming, along with virtual reality applications.

Maingear Announces the R2 Razer Edition Gaming PC

July 19, 2017 0

MAINGEAR continues its partnership with RAZER, today announcing the launch of the MAINGEAR R2 | RAZER Edition gaming desktop. Built for compact performance with award-winning craftsmanship, the R2 pushes the boundaries of small form factor

FinalWire Unveils AIDA64 v4.20

February 12, 2014 0

  Finalwire has unleashed v4.20 of one of the most popular system information utilities on the planet, AIDA64. This release features a new memory stress test and Intel Haswell refresh support, among others. Budapest, Hungary