VIOTEK Reaper RFI25CBA 25-Inch Extreme Gaming Monitor Review

Conclusion and Verdict

There we have it the VIOTEK Reaper RFI25CBA Gaming monitor! So lets break this monitor down a little bit. We get an IPS panel, 144 Hz, 1ms, 1080p, and the full coverage of the sRGB spectrum. This monitor has decent specs and will no doubt provide you with a excellent gaming experience. The only downside would be the 25″ size. It is smaller than what I am used to for sure but it is really hard to go from a 40″ to a 25″ full time. But on the other hand I found several scenarios where this monitor would be super beneficial being smaller in size. One being used as a second screen. This monitor doesn’t take up much room and can pivot in either direction. So that was very useful not having to dedicate on side of my main monitor for the second screen. The next is portability. You probably don’t see many LAN parties any more but every now and then we still may get together and this would be perfect to take along. It is small enough and light enough you could mount it to a side of a case and treat it as an all-in-one if you aren’t afraid of modding your case a little bit.

Now for performance. We saw the testing results on the previous few pages but how does that translate into real world gaming performance? Not to bad to be honest. I was pleased with the color and for it being an IPS, the black was deep, just not quite as deep as the VA panel it was sitting next to. Still the lighting and edges where very uniform and didn’t see any light bleed around the edges, which can ruin a black screen. The swivel, pivot, and height adjustments allowed for the monitor to be in the perfect position. There was plenty of room to spare when it came to adjustments. PBP and all the other fancy feature worked as intended as well. On on a last but not least side note, the LED lighting was a cool feature. The LED’s are red and can not be changed so keep that in mind of you are serious about your color schemes. Plus you can turn them off if having lights on your monitor isn’t your thing.

There are no speakers on this model which isn’t a deal breaker because most of the time, internal speakers are not intended to be used for much, if at all. But it nice to know you have them if you needed them.

You can buy the VIOTEK Reaper RFI25CBA Gaming Monitor for around USD $239.99 from Amazon



  • Price
  • Pivoting in Either Direction
  • IPS
  • Pixel-Perfect Promise
  • 144Hz
  • 1ms Response Rate
  • Great Colors and Contrast


  • No Speakers


Final Thoughts:

The VIOTEK Reaper RFI25CBA Gaming Monitor is a great choice for anyone looking for a smaller compact monitor that doesn’t give up on any performance. The monitor’s performance was great and the pixel-perfect promise goes a long way ensuring your new monitor won’t disappoint, even if there is one bad pixel.



You can the VIOTEK Reaper RFI25CBA Gaming Monitorbuy the for around USD $239.99 from Amazon –


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