Antec P380 Chassis Review


The box that the P380 arrives in is large and heavy. The shipping tag states a hefty weight of 32lbs. The front of the package has a large graphic of the case nicely showing off what waits inside. The sides of the package have smaller pictures showing off the interior and exterior of the P380. The back of the package is loaded with the features of the P380. The grid of features take up a lot of the surface area and informs the buyer very well of the case inside. The case inside is tightly packed and the case cant be heard moving inside when the package is moved around.



 DSC 3074






Now for the good parts the contents! Inside, of course, awaits the huge beast of a case know as the Antec P380. The size is clearly anticipated due to the size of the package but when you are pulling out a full size tower out of the box you keep wondering if you are ever going to finally get the thing out of the box! Now that I have finally wrestled this behemoth of the box we can get to what Antec has included. Along with your typical screws and instruction manual. Antec has thrown in a few zip ties and there is also a tray for extra hardware mounting.


DSC 3115


Now that we have seen the outer shell that houses this chassis, let take a closer look at what awaits inside!


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