Antec P380 Chassis Review

Conclusion and Verdict

In conclusion, there are two questions answered about the P380. When there is no room for compromise. When only the best can satisfy your needs, the P380 is the answer. Known for its minimalistic design, the Performance series focuses on delivering the perfect balance between performance and Quiet-Computing. Whether you’re designing your ultimate dream PC or, just creating a monster file server, the P380 should be the choice, without hesitation. I second that claim from Antec.


 DSC 3088



The Antec P380 is a sophisticated piece of art. Any person can be proud to display this on any desk. The Antec P380 is any builders dream house for many builds to come. The size and style should last through many years of the ever changing hardware world.

The Antec P380 can be found on various e-tailers as well on Antec’s website for around $230 USD.


  • Size
  • Sophisticated design
  • 3 Fans included
  • Sleek Finish
  • Great cooling capabilities
  • All metal no plastic


  •  None


Final thoughts: 

The Antec P380 has a little higher price tag compared to some of the full size plastic cases but that’s because the P380 is made of a metal and is meant to last and has the space to fit two computer builds inside. If you are looking for a large sturdy case that will last the test of time then look a little closer the Antec P380. You will not be disappointed in the featues of this chassis.




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