Antec P380 Chassis Review

A Closer Look: Exterior

The P380 is a clean and sleek chassis. the lines are straight and the finish on the metal looks great. The finish does have the tendency to leave fingerprints very easily. All the I/O are located on the left side of the top of the chassis. They are slightly tucked under the top panel. Important to note that when you take the top panel off for access to the top fans your I/O are in the piece that you must remove but the length of the wires seemed to plenty when top piece is moved out of the way. The font of the case is all solid with a small Antec logo near the bottom. The window offers a little insight into the guts of your build. Like I said the design is not flashy nor crazy looking. The Antec P380 is large, square, and gives off a sophistication in taste.   


 DSC 3111



Now that we have covered the exterior of the P380, let us dive right into the interior!


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