Deepcool DUKASE WHV2 ATX Chassis Review

Closer Look – Exterior

DUKASE’s front and top are covered by panels. Most of them are made of plastic while black elements are made of metal which is giving high quality look. Sadly white plastic doesn’t look so good. I guess it can be caused by used material which has slightly different color than the paint on all metal elements of the case. On some photos it’s more visible, on some less ( probably because of light ).

I was wondering how air is getting out from the top of the case. After removing top panel I’ve noticed that there are quite large gaps so hot air can easily be removed from the case. Interesting design which is working. Under the top panel it’s possible to install two fans or 240mm radiator. Water cooling enthusuasts should be satisfied because of this fact.

Front panel is covering drive bays which can be used for optical drive, hot-swap hard disks or anything else that requires 3.5″ or 5.25″ bay for installation.

On the top there are also two USB ports, two mini jack audio ports, power button with blue LEDs and fan switch which let you decide if you want fans to run in performance or silent mode.


Bottom of the DUKASE isn’t showing anything special but is better designed than I’ve seen in some other competitive products. There is only one dust filter just below PSU installation bay.

On the back there is also nothing unusual. All is where it should be. PCI slot covers are black what doesn’t look bad even though everything else on that side is white.

Now maybe couple of words about the sides of DUKASE. One side has large window. Looks good but I’ve noticed it was changed comparing to first revision of DUKASE. Because of that there is one issue which may occur. Maximum CPU cooler height in new DUKASE version is 160mm while in previous version it was maximum of 170mm. The largest tower solutions like reviewed some time ago CRYORIG R1 have over 165-168mm. It’s not really an issue for most users but it’s worth to know that if you have any large air cooling on your mind.



White interior looks great. Paint quality is really good and seems resistant to scratches ( there are of course limits ). In bright interior PC components also look better and in time dust is not as much visible as in black case. These are things that barely anyone is considering while picking PC case.

On the next page we will take a look inside the DUKASE WHV2.


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