Deepcool DUKASE WHV2 ATX Chassis Review

Closer Look – Interior

Under the front panel we can install two 120mm or single 140mm fan. After removing front panel we can see dust filter which ws glued but can be easily replaced or removed for cleaning.

Both panels so front and top, can be removed without any tools.


Under the top panel can be installed 240 or 280mm radiator. Modders will probably find a way to install better cooling than it was designed. However the most popular AIO water cooling kits should fit without issues and we can see that many manufacturers are going this way while designing gaming PC cases. Also Deepcool has in its offer couple of AIO water cooling kits which will perfectly fit into DUKASE, especially white Captain EX series.

Interior looks simply great painted white. Everything was designed with easy access on mind. All PSU cables are hidden and are not blocking airflow. At the same time there are many holes to pass through everything you need.

On the PSU cover is possible to install two SSD or HDD in 2.5″ standard. It’s a great idea since access is easy and if you are moving drives from time to time then it takes only couple of seconds to remove a drive.

5.25″ bays have locks so you don’t have to use any tools to install optical disk drive or anything else.

After removing right side panel we can see how well we can manage power cables and anything else. PSU bay is quite large and we can install probably any size ATX PSU available. As I mentioned, all cables are also hidden. On the left we can see double 3.5″ bays where we can install HDD. Above them is one spot for additional SSD.

I wish to see all the front panel cables to look somehow better and it’s not really comment only about DUKASE. Barely any manufacturer is deciding to make something above the standard and also here we can see typical power, reset, LEDs and USB cables separated what meets specification but if you want it look good then you have to put some additional work like to add any sleeve or modify connectors.

On the back is 120mm fan with blue LEDs. There is no detailed specification of the fan but it runs pretty quiet what is good enough for most users. enthusiasts will probably replace it and add some more matching lighting.

I won’t hide that I like interior of the DUKASE made better impression on me than exterior but both look good. There are single things which I would change but I guess that everyone has different expectations. DUKASE will for sure satisfy most of the users and modders will take care of anything they wish to improve on their own.


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