Deepcool DUKASE WHV2 ATX Chassis Review


DUKASE WHV2 is interesting chassis. As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, it’s my first review of Deepcool product and I’m quite satisfied. DUKASE is well designed product which still could have couple of improvements.


Usually I mention about the price at the end of conclusion but now I just have to point this out as it’s quite important. DUKASE WHV2 is available for as low as $55. It’s nearly impossible to find other PC case which is offering so much in so low price. We can find things that could be improved in DUKASE but when we check the price then it doesn’t really matter.


Price is low but quality isn’t bad. Especially hard is to find that combo while looking for a white PC case. Deepcool used nice paint cover which has also some level of resistance to scratches. It presents even better inside the case. With some additional lighting white interior looks amazing.



  • Interesting design
  • Prepared for water cooling
  • Large PSU bay
  • Inexpensive
  • User friendly – easy access to drives, toolless instalation of many components



  • Single elements that could be improved
  • Plastic ( front/top ) has slightly different color than the paint on the sides


Final words:

Deepcool DUKASE WHV2 is really interesting PC case mainly because of fresh design what gives overall good experience but also great balance between quality and price. It will be really hard to find better chassis in this price, especially painted white. On the market flooded with black gaming PC cases DUKASE WHV2 looks quite unique and it’s one more reason why it’s a good option for all who want to build great looking computer.




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