HYTE Y60 Premium Mid-Tower Chassis Review

The Final Build

Since we received the case just before the premiere of the new AMD and Intel generation of processors, and the time was limited, then we didn’t want to build any fancy water cooling system. On the other hand, even with a popular AIO cooler, this build looks great, and you can do something similar very quickly without needing additional skills or tools. Our test build contains the Ryzen 9 5900X CPU, Gigabyte X570 Ultra motherboard, Powercolor Red Devil RX6800XT graphics card, and recently reviewed Montech 750W 80+ Gold PSU. The CPU is cooled by EKWB 240 AIO, so nothing really special, but looks good. All fans used for tests were pre-installed in the Y60 (again, why white fans? could be at least transparent).

Our PC components heat up a lot, so I wasn’t expecting any great results, especially since some comments on the web suggest that the airflow in the Y60 isn’t the best. Our results positively surprised me as the temperature of the CPU with an open or closed side panel was exactly the same – up to 87°C. The CPU was loaded with the Prime95 torture test. The difference was when the graphics card added its heat. During extended 3D tests, the maximum graphics card temperature with an open window was 57°C. With a closed window, it raised to about 62°C. Either way, our RX6800XT graphics card was running at lower temperatures than usual which suggests that the fans on the bottom of the case do a great job.

Above are some more photos of the test build. A quite simple but powerful setup looks amazing. You can only imagine how it will look with premium custom water cooling. Once the new motherboards are available, I will think about something special. With new hardware should also appear new cooling components, faster RAM, and some more.

The HYTE Y60 is for sure a case worth considering for our exceptional gaming PC. I don’t remember when I was so satisfied with a quality of an ATX case, and I already see that many people who decided to buy the Y60 share my thoughts.


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