HYTE Y60 Premium Mid-Tower Chassis Review

HYTE Y60 had its premiere a while ago, making a lot of noise among computer enthusiasts. Even though for some users, it’s just another PC case, then it offers features and aesthetics which are hard to find in competitive products. Since we are trying to present the most exciting products, we had to take a closer look at the HYTE Y60, and the manufacturer was so kind as to send us the black-red version of this unique PC case.

Let’s take a look at the specifications and key features so we know what we are talking about, and later I will share my thoughts about the Y60.



HYTE Y60 Premium

Why We Made This
  • A new build should feel new
  • 3-Piece panoramic glass with 3-times more satisfying plastic wrap removal.
  • We know how much you just spent on that GPU, so we threw in the riser cable.
  • Cold floor cooling keeps thermals lower than a partly cloudy day with a light breeze and you without your jacket.
  • Check out this crown molding right there.



Product Features

Panoramic Views

No corner pillar. The Y60 features a 3-piece panoramic tempered glass design for the ultimate photo and display potential. See your build the way it was meant to be seen from the left or right side of your desk with a simple turn.

Exclusively Vertical GPU Mounted

Why would you want to see your graphics card any other way?

Included PCI-E 4.0 Riser Cable

A protective riser cable canopy integrates beautifully into the case, allowing for half-height PCI-E cards behind the throne of the vertical graphics card. The protective shroud is the first of its kind, made specifically for the Y60.

Antechamber Construction

Segment cables from thermal components turn your PC into a work of art.

Cold Floor Cooling

Eliminate hot spots with sweeping lateral vents from fans tastefully tucked into the basement of the Y60.

Included Fans

The three pre-installed Flow FE12 fans with fluid-dynamic bearings provide whisper-quiet operation.



You can buy the HYTE Y60 Premium Mid-Tower Chassis for $199 in the HYTE store – Alternatively, you can buy the HYTE Y60 Premium Mid-Tower Chassis from Amazon –


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