HYTE Y60 Premium Mid-Tower Chassis Review


Conclusion and Verdict

HYTE Y60 is an example of how to make a popular design even better and not necessarily more expensive. The Y60 beats the competition with aesthetics and quality but also details that matter for enthusiasts. Everything fits perfectly and has a high-end finish. The only thing I would change are fans (their color).

No matter what comments you may find on various forums, the airflow is above the average, and once we install fans on top or the side, then there are no problems with handling a high-end setup like even 200W+ CPUs or 350W+ graphics cards.

HYTE Y60 costs around $199, which doesn’t seem cheap. On the other hand, this is the price that most competition asks for their products. The main difference makes the PCIe riser which separately would cost $50-100, and you can find it in the Y60 while other brands are not adding it. When we consider how much it would cost separately, then the price is already very reasonable.



  • Spacious, but doesn’t feel really large
  • Unique design
  • Supports thick radiator on the side and multi-radiator setup
  • Included PCIe 4.0 riser
  • High quality
  • Reasonable price compared to the competition


  • Fans for the red version could be red or black
  • Limited options for additional full-size PCIe cards (most users won’t need that)


Final words:

The HYTE Y60 Premium is one of the best PC cases that I reviewed. It’s better than I expected, and I’m sure all enthusiasts searching for a premium mid-tower chassis will be delighted with what the Y60 has to offer. The only thing you have to do is to pick your color and enjoy a fresh modern design.

HYTE Y60 is my pick for an enthusiast PC case, so it’s clear it deserves Editor’s Choice Award!




You can buy the HYTE Y60 Premium Mid-Tower Chassis for $199 in the HYTE store – Alternatively, you can buy the HYTE Y60 Premium Mid-Tower Chassis from Amazon –


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