Montech Sky One Mini Micro ATX Chassis Review

Product Photos – The Package and the Exterior

Montech Sky One Mini arrived in a typical, large, brownish box. The case inside is well protected by thick foams. The case wasn’t additionally protected and it survived the transport, even though the exterior isn’t in a perfect condition. However, everything inside is perfectly fine, and that’s the most important.

Inside the box, we will find a micro ATX chassis but also a set of screws, fan extension cable, cable ties, Montech badge, and ATX to SFX adapter if we wish to use an SFX size PSU. There is also a short user manual as there is not much to describe, and most users shouldn’t have problems figuring out how to use this product.

The case is quite small. We can compare the dimensions to many popular ITX cases. The main advantage is that the Sky One Mini supports micro ATX motherboards which are cheaper.

Most parts of the case can be removed without any tools. We will still need a screwdriver to install a motherboard, a graphics card, and a PSU. The case supports most ATX and SFX/SFX-L PSUs. This is also great as we can pick a smaller PSU or something cheaper if we don’t need any special series. An SFX PSU gives us more space inside what can be required for larger graphics cards. I thought I will be able to install a white ASUS Strix RTX3070 graphics card that would look great inside but it’s about 5mm too long. This can be a problem for more users as many higher-performance graphics cards have 320mm in length.

The case is quite solid and is not bending under the pressure like some competitive cases. I also like the fact that the window has a white frame as most, even high-end brands like Lian-Li, use the black frame for white PC cases and it looks quite bad. Here, everything has the same white tones. Even the front panel matches the top panel and the interior.

The case also has dust filters on the bottom and top. This is starting to become standard in gaming PC cases.

The front panel has everything we may need, except maybe USB-C. Modern computers need USB-C because of how many new devices use this connector type, and many users will miss that for sure.

Now let’s take a look at the interior.


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