Montech Sky One Mini Micro ATX Chassis Review

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In the Sky One Mini, we can install a micro ATX motherboard, and it will fill the whole free space. I recommend preparing all cables and think how they go before the motherboard installation as later it can be tight and larger cables may require removing the motherboard. As long as we use a popular series SFX PSU, then we won’t have problems with cables on the back of the motherboard plate. Montech Century Mini SFX 750W PSU was just right and its cables are about as long as that of other popular SFX PSU series. At the same time, there are fewer cables and are shorted than for popular ATX series PSUs. If you decide on a higher series ATX PSUs and connect all the cables (in the case of modular PSUs) then you may have problems closing the case or it will block larger graphics cards. Also here I would add at least 5mm more space to hide all the cables, especially if we wish to use SSD/HDD on the back of the motherboard plate, where are spots for installation.

Inside the case, we will find three, silent series fans. Fans have 120mm and are also white, like everything else. There is no description on the label and the motherboard couldn’t read the correct speed. Fans are in fact very quiet and perform well enough to keep our test rig cool and quiet.

I wish to see some more space on the top of the case as even ITX cases support 240 AIO. It would be possible as there is enough space for that but only one placement for a 120mm fan. Of course, it’s not required but AIO coolers are very popular amongst gamers, and it can be a reason why users pick another product.

Below you can see how the final build looks. All components are from our previous reviews, except for the graphics card. The Montech Century Mini 750W SFX PSU will be reviewed soon.

The PC build includes i5-12600K CPU, Colorful CVN Z690M Gaming Frozen V20 motherboard, EVGA RTX3060 XC graphics card, 16GB Acer Predator DDR4-3600 CL14 RAM, and Montech Century Mini 750W Gold 80+ PSU. Let’s say a good setup but nothing unusual so it matches many gaming computers on the current market.

The test PC was keeping low temperatures but also its wattage is not so high. The bottom-to-top airflow design helps a lot and even though the front is solid and has no additional holes, it’s enough to keep our PC cool. The temperatures are slightly higher than that of the open PC but nothing significant.


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