Montech Sky One Mini Micro ATX Chassis Review



Montech Sky One Mini is a quite successful case. It’s maybe not perfect as some things I would change or improve but the overall experience is good.

The Sky One Mini is small for a micro ATX case. The size is not much larger than a typical ITX case. It also causes that everything has to be well planned or some issues may occur. We can install a micro ATX motherboard or smaller, ATX or SFX PSU, and a graphics card up to 315mm. The case could be still about 5mm wider and 5mm longer so we could use a wider range of hardware.

The airflow is surprisingly better than we could expect. I still wish to see two spots for 120mm fans on the top of the case that would also add 240 AIO support. If we can live with air cooling then it won’t be an issue.

I can’t see Montech Sky One Mini listed in any popular store but its price should be significantly under $100 which makes it a very interesting option for all those who wish to build a small, yet powerful PC at a reasonable price. We have to remember that most micro ATX motherboards are much cheaper than those in the ITX size.



  • Compact design
  • Micro ATX support in ITX size case
  • Solid build
  • Toolless design (at least for exterior parts)
  • Thick tempered glass with a perfectly matched white frame
  • ATX and SFX PSU support


  • No front panel USB-C
  • Can’t install at least 240mm AIO on the top
  • Possible cable management problems with non-modular ATX PSUs


Final words:

The Sky One Mini from Montech is an interesting micro ATX case that brings a perfect balance between high quality and reasonable price. For anyone who plans to build a new PC, I’m sure they’ll  be satisfied with the Sky One Mini. It’s hard to find a chassis in a micro ATX format that would be better, while keeping its compact size.

Montech Sky One Mini is recommended by FunkyKit!




You can buy the Montech Sky One Mini Micro ATX Chassis for around USD $129.99 from Amazon –


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