CORSAIR H100i PRO RGB Liquid CPU Cooler Review


Overall the H100i Pro comes with all of the mounting hardware for today’s biggest AMD and Intel CPU’s as well as some pretty impressive fans. So I have no complaints here. The included fans are the Corsair ML120 fans which retail for $15-20 a piece so I’m very impressed that Corsair included two of them!

Now onto installation!



The H100i comes with pre-installed thermal paste but I had to wipe it off and use some of my own thermal paste due to the pre-applied stuff getting smudged.

The H100i comes with the Intel mounting bracket pre-installed but I’ll be removing this and installing the AM4 bracket. Removing the bracket was super easy and doesn’t require any tools, all you do is twist the Intel bracket to the right to remove it, line up the AMD bracket onto these pegs and twist the AMD bracket on

The H100i mounts onto the pre-installed AMD bracket so I won’t have to do anything on the motherboard to prepare for this cooler, all I have to do is screw these two parts together onto the cooler and that’s it!

Installing the fans and radiator is done exactly the same as every other AIO. Using the included screws and washers I mounted the fans on the front of my case mounting brackets with the radiator on the inside. Fairly easy but it’s always somewhat awkward to do this without someone there to hold up the radiator as you screw the fans in, Still this wasn’t any harder than any other AIO so it’s not an issue.

Finally mounting the cooler onto the CPU is fairly easy. If you’ve ever mounted a cooler onto the stock AMD mounting bracket then you’ve essentially mounted this. It does take a bit of finessing to get both sides on but overall it’s fairly simple and you don’t even have to take the rear panel off if you’re mounting this on an AMD board.

Finally, in order to get the lighting working, you plug this cable into your motherboards USB header and plug the other end into the micro USB port on the side of the pump.


If you are mounting this cooler onto an Intel CPU the mounting is very simple too. You put the bottom part through the rear of your motherboard, screw in the standoffs and then screw in the cooler with the thumb screws. While mounting it onto an AMD CPU is slightly simpler you won’t have any difficulties no matter what CPU you mount this cooler on.

Overall installation is very easy so no complaints here!

Now onto lighting and lighting software!

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