CORSAIR H100i PRO RGB Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Build Quality

The pump is made out of a very solid feeling plastic shell around the internal pump. It feels very high quality and I feel like you won’t have any issues with the pump casing breaking.

The tubes are sleeved and very thick and permium feeling while maintaining enough flexibility to fit into a large number of case sizes.

Corsair also made the radiator out of very solid feeling materials, the fins feel strong enough to withstand bending even if your screw driver slips during installation.

This is probably one of the most important parts to be made well since a failure here could cause liquid to leak inside someones system and break parts. Luckily Corsair has made some very premium fittings that feel solid and I highly doubt anyone would have an issue with the fittings failing during normal use.

Finally, the fans feel as high quality as everything else. These are Corsairs own ML120 fans which are some of the highest quality fans I’ve owned. The fan blades are very solid and the outer housing is made of a thick plastic leading the entire fan to feel like a worthwhile inclusion instead of some throw away fans like other products sometimes come with.

Overall the H100i Pro feels extremely high quality, every part of the cooler feels well thought out and like Corsair spent time making sure their product felt like a worthwhile investment for any builders who picked the cooler up.

I rate the build quality 5/5. Corsair made a very solid feeling product that should last for a long time.


One thing I wasn’t a huge fan of was how the USB cable plugs into the cooler. I feel like the cable could be integrated behind the case somehow because the random USB cable looks really out-of-place next to the very good-looking pump. This isn’t a huge issue but one worth mentioning.

Now onto the final score and conclusion!

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