CORSAIR H100i PRO RGB Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Final Score and Conclusion

Corsair has managed to make a really impressive product with the H100i Pro. It also manages to provide some impressive performance while keeping the price in line with other similarly sized AIOs.

Thermal performance and build quality are where this cooler really shine managing to keep my overclocked 2700x at an impressive 62c max with the fans and pumps running at full speed. I was also very impressed with how well the cooler performs when limiting the fan speeds to reduce noise While you may not be able to overclock quite as high and the CPU runs a good bit hotter with the fans set to the quiet or Zero RPM settings the H100i Pro manages to stay nearly inaudible so the sacrifice in thermal performance is definitely worthwhile if you value silence.

This is definitely a cooler that prioritizes performance over flashy lights but that is definitely not an issue since the performance is really great. The lighting that is here may not be the most visually impressive but it looks very good considering the understated theme.

Any issues I had with this were very minor. My main gripe is how the USB cable implementation feels somewhat poorly implemented and it looks out-of-place. I’ve seen AIOs that integrate the cable in much better ways but this is also a purely cosmetic issue and is certainly not a deal breaker.

Also while the lighting isn’t super impressive it still looks good and when compared to other coolers around the same price what you lose in flashy lights you gain in performance.

I rate the Corsair H100i Pro CPU cooler 5/5. I had no major complaints plus the thermal performance is very impressive, outperforming the cheaper 240mm AIOs meaning the $119 price tag feels fair.



  • Impressive performance.
  • Very impressive build quality.
  • Able to operate with near silence.
  • Great looking understated lighting.
  • Included fans are way better than most included fans.
  • Easy installation.


  • Included USB cable looks out-of-place.


  • Fans are pretty loud when running at high RPMs


Final words

I definitely recommend this cooler for anyone needs a great performing AIO to cool your CPU during heavy overclocking. If fancy lighting is more your thing this AIO may not satisfied the RGB itch but it still manages to look quite good. If silence is more your thing you will still be able to get some impressive performance with this AIO while maintaining silent operation if you select the proper speed setting within the iCue software.


editors choice


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