CRYORIG R1 Ultimate Cooler Review – Tested with TR4 Adapter

Product Specifications and Photos


Specification of the R1 Ultimate cooler is the same for a long time and we had a chance to describe it wider during the R1 Universal cooler review so I will focus on the more important elements. The only difference between the Universal and Ultimate version are fans. The R1 Ultimate has one fan thicker which is a bit stronger but also may block first memory slot.

Let’s take a look at what we get in the package.

Since we are going to focus more on how the R1 cooler series work with the AMD Threadripper then there are additional products we need. Above you can see a well-known package of the R1 Ultimate cooler. The cooler comes with everything we may need for installation like all required tools, mounting kit for AMD and Intel platforms, CRYORIG CP7 thermal grease and user’s manual. After opening the box we can also see information that after registering our new product, we receive an additional three-year warranty what in total gives us six years of warranty. That’s hard to beat on the cooler’s market.

On the specifications list, we can’t see the AMD Threadripper compatibility but the TR4 UPGRADE KIT is adding it to the R1 series coolers and to a couple of other CRYORIG coolers available on the market for some longer.

Mounting kit for TR4 socket is simple and easy to install so even less advanced users won’t have problems.

The R1 Ultimate is a quite big cooler which can’t be installed in all PC cases. Some new models support up to 155mm tall coolers while the R1 has 168mm. We can still adjust fans so it shouldn’t be an issue to install taller memory modules but then our cooler will need some more space.

The fans are 140x140x25mm so pretty typical. Their rotation speed is between 700 and 1300 RPM so as long as CPU won’t be under high load then we won’t hear any noise. Under full load, it’s also not loud, even though we can clearly hear it.

Above you can see some photos of the test rig and the R1 Ultimate with red and blue covers. CUSTOMOD covers are available as a separated product. They’re quite cheap and easy to install. The R1 Ultimate comes with the black covers while the R1 Universal has a white set. There are also other colors like orange or green.


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