CRYORIG R1 Ultimate Cooler Review – Tested with TR4 Adapter


Performance has been tested on the same platform as previously reviewed TR4 coolers. The platform is based on the 1920X, 12-core CPU and the ASRock X399M Taichi motherboard. In addition, there is Ballistix Sport AT DDR4-3000 memory, EVGA GTX1060 SC graphics card, and Enermax Platimax 750W PSU.

There are three tests. Idle is a system without load, only some typical services running in the background. The mixed load is what we’ve seen during the PCMark 10 benchmark. It uses a similar workload to popular home and office applications and simple games. The max load is maximum temperature during the AIDA64 CPU/FPU stability test.


I won’t hide that I was surprised that the R1 Ultimate performs so well. All coolers in my previous reviews on the AMD Threadripper platform were covering whole IHS while CRYORIG cooler is covering maybe 80% of the IHS, but still is covering the whole area where are CPU cores.

Our tests are showing that the performance is somewhere in the middle of Noctua coolers which are probably the best air coolers for TR4 socket on the market. They are also quite expensive. The difference isn’t so big. Significantly lower temperature offers Enermax AIO water cooling but it’s even more expensive and not all users wish to have water cooling in their PC, or simply have no space in the PC case.

One quick look at the graph with results at default CPU settings and we move to more demanding tests, on the overclocked 1920X processor.


Tests on the overclocked Threadripper are much more demanding simply because the CPU exceeds 300W under load. All coolers in this tests except the Enermax AIO are rated at 180-250W max. All of them are also working perfectly fine, keeping the CPU below its maximum rated temperature when it’s not overclocked.

After overclocking temperature of all coolers is above AMD rated values. There are no problems with stability and CPU is not throttling because of high temperature so I assume that all is fine.

The R1 Ultimate is also in this test somewhere in the middle of the comparison and also here the difference in temperature isn’t so high. I can clearly say that CRYORIG’s cooler, even though not designed for the AMD Threadripper, gets a new life with TR4 mounting kit.

This review is an effect of curiosity as I’ve seen many bad reviews of coolers not designed for the Threadripper but still offered for these processors. I’m glad I can say that the CRYORIG R1 Ultimate can be used with AMD Threadripper with a little help of TR4 mounting kit.


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