CRYORIG R1 Ultimate Cooler Review – Tested with TR4 Adapter

Conclusion and Verdict

Our tests are showing that the TR4 mounting kit or SOCKET TR4 UPGRADE KIT as it’s called by CRYORIG, is a great option for all who already invested in quite expensive and well-performing CRYORIG coolers and wish to keep them for the new platform. Moving from older PC to a new multi-core can save you some money which can be used for other components.

CRYORIG is also offering additional options like CUSTOMOD covers what can help to match new motherboard or whole PC theme.

The R1 Ultimate cooler is available on Amazon in a quite reasonable price of $94. The TR4 Upgrade Kit costs $6 what is a great price if we want to give a second life to the cooler we already have. CUSTOMOD covers cost $11.99.

All CRYORIG coolers are covered by 6-year warranty, as long as you register your product on the CRYORIG website. It takes 5 minutes so it’s for sure worth the time.



  • Good option if we are moving from older platform to TR4 and we want to save on cooling
  • Inexpensive (considering we already have the cooler)
  • Quiet work
  • High performance
  • Available customizations with CUSTOMOD covers
  • 6-year warranty



  • Can block some memory slots so have to be sure there is enough space for installation


Final words:

CRYORIG TR4 Upgrade Kit is a really great product if we are owning the R1 series cooler. I won’t tell you how lower series coolers perform with the TR4 as we had no chance to test it but if we wish to save some money and already own the R1 Ultimate or Universal, then it’s a really handy and recommended product.

CRYORIG R1 Ultimate, the same as the Universal, is also highly recommended cooler, regardless on which platform we wish to use it.

To the list, we can add the CUSTOMOD which was already presented in the previous review but is still worth to mention.

All the CRYORIG products receive the Funky Kit Recommended Award!




You can buy the CRYORIG R1 Ultimate CPU Cooler for around USD $94 from Amazon –


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