Gamdias Chione M3 AIO CPU Cooler Review


Test setup and Testing Methodology

The system used for testing is listed in the table below. Ambient temperatures were kept at 24 degrees Celsius +/- 1 degree. The thermal paste used was Noctua’s NT-H2 (for testing consistency). The cool and quite mode was set to default. The fan speed was set to Full speed. The idle temperatures were recorded after 10 minutes of idle and max temperatures were recorded after a 5-minute torture test using Adia 64 System Stability Test and recording the CPU value reported.


CPU Intel Core i9-11900K (Comet Lake)
Cooling Gamdias Chione M3 AIO Liquid Cooler
Motherboard Gigabyte Z590 Vision G
Ram Zadak Spark RGB 32GB DDR4-4133 CL19
HDD Samsung 960 EVO 250GB PCIE M.2 SSD
PSU Antec Signature Series 1000W
OS Windows 10


Now we get to the good stuff the results. I apologize for my cooling catalogue being rather slim, but as more coolers come in we will continue to grow this list. As you can see in the graph below we have the Idle temps for the Chione M3 AIO CPU. This chip hovers at a cool 26 degrees Celsius. Almost ambient temps and honestly idle temps are irrelevant because of the lower clocks at idle.

Alright LOAD temps! The ones that really matter. The Chione M3 AIO CPU performed pretty well coming in at 48 degrees Celsius (CPU test) and 85 degrees Celsius (FPU test) Only time will tell where this cooler will rank in future tests, This AIO actually did a terrific job at cooling! Temps do not lie. Also, the chip cools immediately after the load is removed showing the cooler has great recovery from a high workload.

Noise can be an important factor for some. If we have a open case design and the fans might be exposed, we don not want record setting noise coming from our cooler. The fans can be a little loud at full tilt and the pump also has an audible noise coming from the motor. This is at max speeds of course (something you want at full load) but the noise isn’t terrible at normal operational speeds. As you can see in the graph above the fans at full speed hit 42 dBs. Just to note, the actually hearable noise from the fans, is not distracting at all.


CPU Test

FPU Test


Now lets move on and get the Conclusion and Verdict on the next page.


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