Gamdias Chione M3 AIO CPU Cooler Review

Today we will be presenting the Gamdias Chione M3 AIO CPU Cooler. This is the successor to the Chione M2. When released it was widely known as one of the cheapest AIO coolers you could buy. Same could be said about this new 240mm Chione M3. You are not going to find very many much cheaper than this one. Going cheap on an AIO is not something I would recommend unless you can be sure the quality didn’t suffer from cheap parts. having one minor mishap from a liquid cooler could speak disaster for the rest of your system. So, in this review we are going to cover every inch of this cooler to see if we have a good AIO that is super affordable. If you do find that affordable cooler that holds up well then by all means use it!



CHIONE M3 240W is essential for anyone looking for an aesthetically pleasing liquid cooler with better air pressure, airflow, performance, and extraordinary visual effects. Redefine your battle station with this ultra-modern liquid cooler! The brand new PWM-controlled 120mm fan stands out among all liquid cooler fans with its higher airflow regulation and performance. Add up to 8 fans & 2 additional LED strips to the fan controller and easily sync and customize your fan speed and lighting. The CHIONE M3 240W offers up to 30 unique lighting effects accessible through an included lighting controller for both the ARGB infinite mirror and ARGB fans.

I would like to thank Gamdias for providing this review sample! Let us see what they have to say about themselves on their website:

Who we are?

The first three letters GAM stands for gaming art in motion, and DIAS is the Latin word for god. Therefore, GAMDIAS all together is, the god of gaming. GAMDIAS is a gaming brand based on ancient Greek Mythology, coupled with a visually pleasing work of beauty, obsessed with pursuing the epitome of gaming. Themed around ancient Greek Mythology, all GAMDIAS products are named after Greek gods. Each product possesses a uniquely patented function engrossing the characteristics of each deity. GAMDIAS represents justice, allowing gamers to immerse themselves in the universe of Mount Olympus. GAMDIAS was designed to fulfill the needs of all hardcore gamers, while also providing a platform, “Olympics” for gamers to exchange tips and pointers. ZEUS, king of the gods and the gods of Mount Olympus, lead the charge defining the essence of GAMDIAS with their signature weapons and bestowing upon the gaming peripherals, power, authority, and gaming supremacy.


ZEUS is the God of the sky and ruler of all the Olympian Gods and known to mortal men as Dias, the Divine King. ZEUS represents justice and mercy, striking down wickedness with his infinite power. GAMDIAS has harnessed ZEUS’ most powerful weapon, the lightning bolt and transferred into Psi-Manifestation, the ability to mold lightning into a physical form.

GAMDIAS Technology Co., Ltd.

GAMDIAS emphasizes on the fundamentals, complemented with creativity and service. GAMDIAS Technology was founded in 2012, with team of over 100 led by R.K. HAN, successfully creating the gaming brand known as GAMDIAS. Not only do we aim to set the bar for quality and practically, but also to go above and beyond in our designs. Further supplementing our motto: Gaming Art in Motion, we will continue to invest heavily on designs, transcending GAMDIAS products to an artistic pantheon.

Our design team

Our design team consists of a group of passionate gamers with limitless creative ideas. The design team’ s mission is to highlight the special aspects of each product, just like the distinctive characteristic of the gods in Greek Mythology. Each of our gaming products is designed with a patented special feature; never ceasing to break the limitations of traditional thinking, and revolutionize the eSports industry. GAMDIAS aspires to offer its users a gaming experiences unparalleled to its predecessors.

Defining Factor

GAMDIAS will redefine the Electronic Sports (eSports) landscape for gamers worldwide. Backed by international award winning designers (Red Dot), innovative think tanks, and inspirational brand leaders, GAMDIAS will be the next generation of Gaming Gear.


Now let us see what this Chione M3 AIO CPU Cooler is all about! You can buy something similar – the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240 Mirror AIO CPU Cooler for around USD $129.99 from Amazon –


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