REEVEN NAIA 240 AIO Liquid Cooling and KIRAN 120mm Fans Review

It’s my first review of REEVEN product so I’m not really sure what to expect but I always count that products I review will be exceptional.

In today’s review we will focus on two products which look the best together. It’s the NAIA 240 liquid cooler for processors and the KIRAN 120mm RGB fans. Both products are designed for gamers and enthusiasts and have some features you won’t find in the competitive products. You can find out what I’m talking about reading our review.



REEVEN was established with a simple concept in mind: creating “Perfect user experience” in the computer market. It all started at a small office in Taiwan back in 2009, with a group of experienced and passionate engineers. Today, REEVEN is one of the most well-known suppliers of high performing computer components, holding numerous top-grade reviews and ratings.

Even though much has changed since 2009, REEVEN still stays true to our founders ideals: creating and designing products with Professionalism, Quality and Value, and always being open to ideas and suggestions from our customers.




The curved baseplates 0,11mm Micro-Channels support thermal dissipation, resulting in a more efficient operation and heat-transfer.

Pump Design

Due to the special WAP-Design (Water-Above-Pipe-Design) the cooler can be installed in any orientation within the case, without sacrificing any of it’s pumping efficiency.

Refillable Tank

A factory sealed opening on the pump block allows users to manually control coolant levels. Transparent tank walls also make it very easy to spot unwanted air and water bubbles.

Color Ink

The pre-filled cooler comes with 3 bottles of RGB dye (blue, yellow and green) that can be mixed into the coolant to match your rigs color scheme.




FDB is a Fluid Dynamic Bearing that guarantees a long life span and silent operation.

High Airflow

The ideal design for coolers and other thermally critical applications.

Rubber Pads

Extra-soft rubber pads minimize vibrations and combat noise production.

Simple Control

Easily cycle through 7 colors and 3 lighting modes with just one click.


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