REEVEN NAIA 240 AIO Liquid Cooling and KIRAN 120mm Fans Review

Specifications and Features, part 2 – KIRAN RGB



Reevens 1st RGB fan KIRAN is a stand-alone 120mm PWM fan engineered for high airflow delivery and cooling efficiency.

With 7 colors and 3 lighting modes, Kiran provides vibrant colors and vivid animations, adding a stunning element to your rig. Due to the fans memory-function, settings remain unchanged even if the PC has been turned off.

The FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) design gives Kiran a life span of up to 120.000 hours and significantly reduces noise levels, ensuring silent operation.



  • Fan Dimension:   (W)120 x (H)120 x (D)25mm
  • Bearing Type:   Fluid Dynamic Bearing
  • MTTF:   120.000hrs
  • Voltage:   12V
  • Weight:   150g
  • Function:   Color Memory Function
  • Connector:   4-Pin (PWM)
  • Fan Speed (RPM):   400(±200)-1500(±10%)Air Flow (CFM):   14.0~64.8
  • ​Static Pressure (inch H2O):   ​0.004~0.116
  • Noise Level (dBA):   6.0~33.6
  • Current(A):  0.20
The KIRAN fans are spinning a bit slower than those we can find in the NAIA set. Difference isn’t significant and we’ve not seen any notable difference in performance. However the KIRAN has one really important feature without which computer enthusiasts can’t live anymore – RGB lighting. What more, it has manual control what at least for me is better than additional software but requires to open PC case each time we wish to change colours.

In the box we will find the fan, short manual and a PWM cable which let us to set fan at lower speed. For our tests standard fan speed is optimal and these fans are really quiet so we won’t have to force them to spin slower.

The KIRAN fans are made of plastic but on the corners have rubber pads to reduce vibrations. I’m not sure if it’s required as these fans are not causing any vibrations. Still it’s good to see the pads.

There are three modes of lighting. One is “the rainbow” or simply automatic colour change. There is also static light in one of the available colours. We can also turn off the lighting.

LEDs are bright and have really nice tones. As you can see on the photos above, you can mix them if there are more fans. White interior is helping to spread light and there are no stickers or anything else what could reflect light and add unwanted effects.

Did I mention that the KIRAN fans are really quiet ? Really, these are one of the best fans I had a chance to test. Air pressure is quite high what helps in performance when fans are installed on radiator and at the same time even above 1000 RPM fans are not generating any significant noise. Even up to 1500 RPM were really quiet.


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