Thermaltake Riing Quad 12 RGB Fan Review

Conclusion and Verdict

We have a little to cover so stick with me. Now that you have seen all that there is to offer from the Riing Quad fans your number one question might be? Is the 150 buck worth it? Lets be honest that’s a crap load of money for some fans, right? I agree it is, but these fans are so unique and offer the light show incomparable to anyone else right now. The Wow factor is amazing. Even on default setting these lights are magical. So if you want the best in town you might have to pay a little more and that is the case for the Riing fans. I cant argue the price but I can reassure you that the money wont go to waste. The time you spend editing a light show will give you a special sense of your own thumb print on the product. You can put your very own imagination to work, tinkering with your fan lights. Who knew this part of computer building would be so involved. I use to pop in a set of fans, sync the lights and go on with my business. Now I feel my fans are truly part of my system and they get a little more attention than they used too. The light are simply amazing.

Now for the performance aspect. I know we got all the bling but are these fans going to keep my parts cool. Now the first thing I look at is the CFM. I personally like to see 60-70 CFM for my fans. So if you read the specs these fans are well below that. And I will be honest this had me a little worried. Because these are rated at 41 CFM. In the chart below we will see if that actully cost me any performance. I am using the Gigabyte Auros Liquid cooler. I have full test results on that with those fans that move a rated 60 CFM. Max temps were 45.5 Celsius. Now lets try the Riing fans! 47! Not bad at all. Take it all in we loose 1.5 but these fans are virtually silent. I couldn’t even get a good decibel reading. Everything around it was louder. 25 decibels is absolutely silent. That is as quieter than as a whisper. I will take those results all day long.


Lastly, You do have to use the Thermaltake controller. Not a big deal but that will wipe out any syncing with your non Thermaltake lighting. The fans perform as well as some fans that move more air and spin much faster. May have something to do with the 9 fin design? Because these on my liquid cooler did just fine! And the light customization is endless. You think of it you can bring it to life in the Neon Maker. What a great set of fans!


The  Fans can be found on Amazon as well as various other e-tailers for around $149.99 USD. You can buy the Thermaltake Riing Quad 12 RGB Fans (pack of 3) for around USD $162 from Amazon –



  • Endless lighting possibilities
  • Show Stopper Visuals
  • Decent Performance
  • Extreme Quietness
  • These fans are all Light, Camera, Action!


  • Can be pricey but worth the investment.
  • A couple of minor hiccups playing around with lights when going in between TT RGB plus and Neon Maker.


Final thoughts:

The Riing Quad Fans are an absolute beauty. Pictures and videos don’t do them justice. These fans are absolutely magical in person. You have endless Lighting possibilities in Neon Maker. So if you want to up your rig builder cred, slap a few of these fans in there and you will definitely turn a few heads!



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