Thermaltake Riing Quad 12 RGB Fan Review

We finally have our hands on the Thermaltake Riing Quad 12 fans. I saw these first hand at CES 2020 and wanted to give these a hands on review ever since. Well today is the day! We have them in hand! Where do I start. Ok its a fan with the most light I have ever seen. These fans caught my eye all the way across the room, even through Thermaltake distro plates all lit up. The close I got the better they looked. I quietly thought to my self, these have got to be the coolest looking fans I have ever seen. And then a voice behind me goes, “Hey did you know you can customize every light to your liking?” What, are freaking kidding me? Yes that right, these lights are so customizable Thermaltake is having competitions for the coolest light show a person can dream up. You do all this in Neon Maker. This is software you use to put you lighting dreams into fruition. You will loose days maybe weeks in this software. There is so much you can do, you have to check it out, it is unreal. Now as far as fans go we need to be able to keep our system temps down, so hopefully Thermaltake hasn’t forgot these fans need to move the air also. I cant wait any longer lets get to review and be sure to check out my conclusion where I give you my overall opinion of the fans!

The Riing Quad radiator fan is unique and in its class of its own, combining outstanding reliability, silent operation, unrivaled cooling, and most importantly the fan is engineered with 54 LEDs, split between 4 separate ring’s creating vibrant and gorgeous lighting effects when set through our NeonMaker light editing software.



I would like to thank Thermaltake Premium for providing the review sample. This is what Thermaltake Premium has to say about themselves on their website:

TT, the most comprehensive liquid-cooling and modding online shopping experience. The platform is designed to provide exceptional high-end products and services to customers worldwide. Thermaltake TT Premium includes several case modding products that support VR (Virtual Reality) gaming systems. Thermaltake TT Premium is the best high-end liquid cooling and case modding solutions shopping platform that provides client-tailored services and secure processing, to meet all user expectations. All products follow Thermaltake’s core values of Excellent Quality, Unique Design, Diverse Combinations, and Boundless Creativity. Thermaltake TT Premium has expanded its footprint to over 100 countries and territories by creating a seamless network connecting 5 major markets; the United States, Europe, Australia, Taiwan, and China (will be online in April) of seamless networking.

Official website:

Now let us see what the Thermaltake Riing Quad 12 is all about! You can buy the Thermaltake Riing Quad 12 RGB Fans (pack of 3) for around USD $162 from Amazon –


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