DIY Arc Reactor Kit Review

arc reactor

I am still in the research stage of my upcoming case mod, and having decided on a theme and colour scheme, I wanted to look around to see what different type of add-ons I could get for the mod.



Scrolling through Taobao, I stumbled upon a DIY arc reactor. Perfect! Not wanting to wait a week for the delivery to be made, I hunted one down for HK$240 (USD $30).


As it is a DIY kit, I expect loads of small parts inside involving many hours of sweat and tears.


Inside there are 2 big bags of parts and tools. Tip: layout the parts and try to familiarize yourself with them, it will help you locate the correct part easily during the build.


In one of the bags you will find a roll of copper wire, insulating tape, super glue, a silver permanent marker, quick dry putty, a USB to micro-USB cable and a metal hoop.


In the other bag is all the bits and pieces you will need to build your own arc reactor. Most of the parts are made from either see-through or black acrylic and will have an adhesive paper covering on both parts.

You will also need a pair of pliers, scissors and tissues for the build.

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