Antec Katana Series 7 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200 MHz Memory Review

Closer Look


With unique shape structure and ingenious design concept , Antec KATANA won the design award from the e-sports hardware category at the 2019 German IF Design.

Innovational Aesthetics
KATANA is named after the name and intention of the Japanese katana. Outline the lighting effect of the knife shape. The appearance adopts top CNC technology to create a matte metal surface, making the overall design more amazing. Antec KATANA takes its name from the Japanese samurai sword and draws inspiration from the silhouette of the blade. Comes with a distinctive aluminum heatsink, KATANA builds the refined texture of black steel with CNC machining process and unique surface modification.
Metallic Finish
Without the ARGB Lighting, the blade-shaped silver lighting bar on top shows a metallic shine.
Distinctive Aluminum Heatsink
Great thermal conductivity to ensure the excellent memory cooling performance even when overclocked.
Strict IC Sorting Technology
Every single chip of Antec memory is prescreened by AIST (Antec IC Sorting Technology), and then to test the compatibility for the diversity of motherboard with 8 hours reliability test. The IC quality of each memory is strictly controlled by ANTEC, and is created using exclusive arrangement technology. According to the compatibility and stability of major motherboard manufacturers, 8 hours of uninterrupted rigorous testing were made.

Support Major Motherboards

KATANA provides players with a variety of parts matching and modification options, supporting the synchronization of the lighting effects of mainstream motherboards.

The install is like any other RAM, pop it in and fire it up. One thing to note this RAM is on the Larger size so be sure to make sure they will not interfere with you cooler. We are using a AIO so clearance is not an issue here!

Intel XMP 2.0 support enables overclocking through one simple BIOS setting

Motherboard Sync
KATANA provides extensive freedom of customization, with access to a vast array of modes and ARGB functions via motherboard synchronization.

The Glory begins

Light up, KATANA glows with soft and harmonious light effects.


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