Antec Katana Series 7 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200 MHz Memory Review


Conclusion and Verdict

As you can see from the testing results on the previous page, the Katana is a performer. The results are well within my expectations. The timings are great and the rest of specs are also decent. Not one complaint from the performance aspect, of the Katana RAM. Now what makes this RAM stand out from others is the design. The RAM at first glance looks to be simple, yet sophisticated. The chrome accent on the top does have the look of a shiny sword and had a smooth uniform flow. And your last thought would be, I bet that lights up. Because honestly it doesn’t look like anything would shine through the mirror finish. Then the magic happens and Wow the light comes screaming through. When the light shines through, it looks something similar to a and ice cube with an LED in the center. The light has great color and has a mild shine. It definitely doesn’t look like the light is coming through plastic, more like a piece of glass.

Lastly, the price for 16GB of 3200 MHz performance RAM (with similar specs) is going to run you on an average of about 100 bucks. SO I was pleased to see that this RAM weighed in at 119. One thing to note is the Katana has ARGB. This is something a lot of other RAM is missing. BOOO-YAHHH Jim!

As you can expect with any RGB memory be sure to check you clearances. These have some height on them but are not extremely tall. Just be sure to double check. It is the worst to get something and realize you have compatibility issues because of the size.

You can by the Antec Katana Series 7 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200 MHz Memory for around USD $119 from Amazon –



  • Price
  • ARGB
  • Performance
  • Unique Design
  • Looks great even when the lights are off


  • Not a one


Final thoughts:

If you are looking for an ARGB solution for your RAM, then Antec has answered the call with the Series 7 Katana. The RAM is stunning when lit up and even looks classy when the lights are off. The samurai sword inspiration definitely shines through with the Katana!



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