Crucial 64GB DDR5-4800 Memory Kit Review



Technology – DDR5
Speed – DDR5-4800
PC speed – PC5-38400
Density – 64GB Kit (32GBx2)
Module type – UDIMM
DIMM type – Unbuffered
CAS latency – 40
Extended timings – 40-39-39
Voltage – 1.1V
Kit Qty – 2
Warranty – Limited Lifetime

The tested Crucial memory kit uses dual-rank modules based on the Micron IC. It was expected as Crucial is Micron’s brand. Each module has a 32GB capacity and it seems to be the cheapest option if we really need a lot of RAM in our desktop PC. I assume that 32GB is more than enough for gaming but all those who have home labs, or graphics workstations may use 64GB or more.

Crucial as always delivers top-quality modules but at least these early Micron chips are not clocking high so we will find them mainly in memory kits up to DDR5-5200. In fact, all Micron-based memory kits tested in our redaction could run up to DDR5-5400. About the same results were on single and dual rank modules. Knowing Micron, we will see much improved IC in not far future. We have to remember it’s the first generation of DDR5 on the mass market, so manufacturers fight for stability and compatibility with available chipsets and don’t focus so much on the maximum frequency.

Our memory kit works great at the declared settings on ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI motherboards. Most tests were performed on ASUS Z690-I Gaming WiFi which is an ITX motherboard installed in a quite small case. Since Crucial DDR5-4800 memory runs at a standard 1.1V then it keeps low temperatures and we don’t have to worry about it’s stability.

The DDR5-4800 seems like a standard speed but a significant amount of dual-rank DDR5 memory kits start from DDR5-4000 or DDR5-4400. I mean brands like Corsair that appeared in stores some months ago. These memory kits are also using Micron IC but are somehow not as good as Crucial, considering that are rated at lower frequencies and overclock worse.

Before tests, let’s take a closer look at the package and its contents.


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