Crucial 64GB DDR5-4800 Memory Kit Review

Package and its Contents

The Crucial 64GB DDR5-4800 memory kit arrived in retail packaging, which is a small, flat blister-type box. The package has only basic info about the contents, but I assume that all who buy this type of product know what to expect inside.

Right now the only compatible chipsets are Intel Z690 and B660 but soon it will change as in the upcoming months we will see a new AMD and Intel.

Inside the box, we will find two memory modules. The installation is straightforward, but we can always find support and manuals on the Crucial website.

The tested Crucial memory kit is let’s say standard looking. There are no heatsinks or RGB illumination. Modules still look good with black PCB. Most retail DDR5 memory kits have heatsinks but also most run at higher than standard voltages. Crucial decided to use standard 1.1V which keeps modules at low temperatures and is enough even for overclocking.

Since there are no heatsinks then we can easily check all the components on the PCB. Our memory kit uses Micron D8BNJ IC.


On the next page, I will tell you some more about the test platform, and of course, I will present our test results.


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