Kingston HyperX Beast DDR3-2400 C11 16GB Memory Kit Review

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Couple of days ago we could see Kingston HyperX Predator memory review. Now we wish to present you the latest Kingston enthusiast series – HyperX Beast. Review sample came in two 8GB modules which is optimal capacity for nearly all gamers and power users.



Thes modules are rated at DDR3-2400 with timings of CL11 at 1.65V, and they come with some decent looking heatspreaders that are lower in height, than the ones you’ll find on the Predator series.


What’s the difference between Predator and Beast memory series ? … let’s find out.

Kingston® HyperX® Beast memory features a dynamic heat spreader to maximise thermal dissipation for increased reliability. Now paired with a matching black PCB to meet the demands of HyperX fans, it aggressively enhances any enthusiast’s system with the highest performance hardware and coolest in complementary design.


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XMP-certified and designed to work with third-generation Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 processors and the latest AMD performance and gaming processors, HyperX Beast is available in dual and quad channel kits, 8GB-64GB capacities, speeds of up to 2400MHz and with a lifetime warranty.

Now let’s take closer look at our memory on the next page …



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