Ozone Boson Portable Gaming Mouse Pad Review


Features and Specifications



Ozone Boson is an excellent design for people who love to travel and play everywhere. Portable and foldable, you can roll it up and even put it in your pocket. With a soft and comfortable surface, Boson`s materials ensures smoothness and precision. The special design, non-slip base allows you to have a perfect control of the game, no matter how hard you swipe.

What else can you ask for? Size meets function.



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Double UP

It also doubles up as a laptop screen protector which can protect and clean your screen. Which means you will never need more space to carry a mousepad!
Travel light and comfortable with Ozone.




 Portable & Multipurpose

Thanks to its reduced size and only 1,27mm thickness you can even use Boson to keep your screen or glasses clean and sharp. Whether at home or travelling long distances with this portable multipurpose mousepad you will always have what you need for intense gaming sessions.
Boson is easy to carry everywhere you go, thanks to its lightweight and compact size: 195 x 280 x 1,27 mm


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  •  Microfiber surface
  • Non-slip base
  • Multifunction: mousepad-clean screen
  • Dimensions: 265 x198 x 1.2 mm


There are not as many specifications as a headset, keyboard or graphics card but it is a mousepad, what is actually a piece of fiber with a rubber bottom so…

Now let us take a closer look at the mousepad itself and the usage/performance


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