Ozone Boson Portable Gaming Mouse Pad Review


Closer look

First I will take a look at the packaging of the Ozone Boson

DSC 0198

The packaging exists out of a plastic box with the Boson mousepad in it, with a cardboard wrapping with the information and some features on it. Nothing special, but that is not necessary for a mousepad.




Then the actual pad itself. It is a really flexible mousepad, what is good for the “portable” feature, you can fold it up, roll it up or even put it in your pocket.


DSC 0202


As for design, it is a simple black mousepad with in the left corner “O³” what is Ozone’s logo and in the right corner “Ozone Boson” I like that it was kept simple, no special colors or images, just black.



The underside has a non-slip base to prevent the mousepad from slipping away in the heat of the battle or just when working, I do like to see that on mousepads cause a constantly moving pad is really irritating. 




Personally for me the mousepad is a little small, I do like to move my mouse around on my pad. It is defiantly not a bad thing but if you frequently move your mouse: up/down, left/right and need some space, the Boson will be a bit small for you.


DSC 0206


The mousepad is really soft and therefor it is really easy to move your mouse around, another thing what I like on mousepads, some people like hard(er) mouse pads and some soft ones. But I really like it.

I do not really know what else to say about this product so let us just get on the the verdict where we will review some points of this mousepad


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